Nothing But A Dreamer

I have a terrible sense of direction

A couple walks passed me. Some seconds later I hear:

“Hey guuurl!”
“What’s your smell?”
“Err Jean Paul Gaultier, Classique.”
“Damn that shit smells goood!”

I’ve been wearing this perfume for 7+ years and no one has ever commented. Finally, I feel validated.

Yep, warped tour was a bad idea!

Trying to stay awake at LAX. Kill me.


similar here

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California dreaming

Here’s a game I love playing:

How finely can I cut it when it comes to making my flight.


Some guy just came up and said he needed to take a photo…uhh ok….turns out we’re extremely unphotogenic 👽💩 (at Goat Hill Tavern)

So much sun burn. So many unhappy tattoos.

(Not sorry for the) cheese  (at Golden Gate Bridge)

I haven’t done any exercise for a week. Good bye hard work.


Cool, huh? (at Panoche Road)


Cool, huh? (at Panoche Road)